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Join me on the journey of bringing Small Kindness to life - there is a lot to do, a whole lot for me to learn and I want to share all of this with you, as well as spreading a little kindness along the way.

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Natural handcrafted soaps that are kind to your skin, kind to people and kind to the planet.

Our natural soap is handmade in Birmingham using a blend of fairly traded butters and organic oils to produce a luxurious but gentle lather. All bars are palm oil free, vegan and plastic free.

Our soaps make the perfect gift for someone who wants to start on their plastic free journey but is unsure where to start. 

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Why Kindness Matters...

Kindness can boost the wellness and happiness of people who are being kind, those receiving the kindness and even those people who just witness an act of kindness. And kindness is contagious too, meaning people who receive or in fact just see a kind act are much more likely to pay it forward!

This is the beauty of kindness, each act of kindness, however small, has the potential to set in motion further acts of kindness meaning the effect of one act of kindness is always multiplied. 

We all have room to show a bit more kindness and starting a kindness practice is a wonderful way to encourage, motivate and inspire yourself and others to spread a little more kindness. Find out the benefits for yourself by joining in with the Small Kindness weekly challenge

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The importance of small changes in reducing our plastic waste

During May we took part in The Big Plastic Count which involved you counting every piece of plastic waste you generate as a household in a week. And once you submit your results you are provided with your households plastic footprint. See how we did, why it completely reaffirmed my belief that small changes matter and how we can help you to reduce your plastic footprint.

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Our Values

Kind to Skin

We will strive to make our soaps from natural, organic, plant-based butters and oils, chosen for their skin friendly properties. 

All our soaps will be free from preservatives, synthetic colours and synthetic fragrances.

Kind to your skin, to people and to the planet.

Kind to People

Our products will contain as many fairly traded ingredients as possible, to ensure that the people producing the natural organic ingredients used to make our soaps are treated and paid fairly.

We will also make regular donations to our local foodbank, to ensure skin and planet friendly soap is available as widely as possible.

And as inclusivity is extremely important to us at Small Kindness all our products are gender neutral.

Kind to the Planet

At Small Kindness we consider the environmental impact of everything we do and aspire to have as light a touch on the environment as possible. That is why our packaging will always be plastic free and as minimal and sustainable as possible.

We will minimise the waste in our manufacturing processes with everything powered by Green energy.

We are passionate about protecting wildlife and biodiversity so that is why our products will contain sustainably sourced, organic ingredients.