Just One of Those Weeks

Apr 15, 2021

A tale of the time thief

Sometimes you just have to accept that it has been one of those weeks. I should have recognised it from the start - a migraine spanning the entire weekend. This always puts me on the back foot as everything I would have done at the weekend (work and home) now needs to be squeezed into the week alongside everything that I already had planned to get done in the week too.  

Migraine is a neurological disorder, they effect twice as many women as men, and the causes are still unclear. I can tell you from my own personal experience that they are debilitating; time stealers that not only effects you but those you love. If you are interested you can find out more about migraines here, although the best article I have ever read about migraines was written in the New Scientist but is behind a paywall - if you happen to have a subscription you can read it here. Although if you are a migraineur I would really recommend reading it, it really helped me to understand why I react to certain things and situations may in fact be due to my migraine brain.

During a migraine I can't look at screens at all or make any kind of decision whatsoever. My brain completely shuts down (to be honest I can't really get my head off the pillow due to severe pain and nausea). As a small business owner that is a bit of a problem as trying to decide what to post on social media becomes pretty much impossible. Luckily this weekend I had a bit of video content I had made earlier and the lovely Mr B edited it for me (as well as looking after me). I managed to write an extremely brief caption and post it on Saturday - which for anyone who has or knows anyone with migraines will appreciate that is a pretty big win. However, on Sunday for the first time since launching Small Kindness I didn't post anything on social media. Obviously this isn't a complete disaster but if you are a new, small business and you are trying to build momentum on social media it isn't something I want to do regularly...

Another issue with migraines is they don't just end (or start for that matter but I'll save that for another day!)- after the pain and nausea you get what is called the postdrome and I can only describe it as a migraine hangover. Generally this lasts for a couple of days after the migraine, you are exhausted and your brain feels like it is in a fog but because you feel a bit better you want to get on and make up for all the time you have lost. It makes everything feel like a bit of a struggle (including making any kind of decision, no matter how small). Unfortunately this week I was planning on making a decision on the base recipe for my soaps (so nothing too important then!). And the upshot is I haven't managed to make that decision, in fact all I have done is plan more soaps!!

So what have I learnt as a small business owner who suffers with chronic migraines? My timelines aren't always going to quite work out quite how I planned and I have to be happy with that. And put some flex in my planning. Deferring an important decision- when my brain is full of a migraine fog and I can't see a clear answer - is always the right thing to do! And for social media, not posting is ok. But I think what I need to do is plan some back up social media posts that are ready to go for days when looking at a screen (well looking at anything really) is a complete no no. That would also help relieve some of the stress and anxiety that comes along with the migraine (I am not doing anything, but x y and z needs doing etc etc). And I need to remember it is ok not to do anything.

And as it turns out this week hasn't been a complete disaster. I have managed to send my three new soaps to my Mum and Dad to try, and for the all important hard water test (hopefully arriving sometime today 💚). I sent out my weekly newsletter, made some soap yesterday and most importantly I managed my walk and talk with my friend- which will always, however rubbish my week has been, cheer me up (#highlightoftheweek)!

So I am off to cut up my soap, until next time, take care xx


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