LATEST SOAPMAKING Mindful Meadow Series

Mindful Meadow Series: The Final Design

May 30, 2022

A beautiful hanger swirl design to end this series

Today I am back with the final bar in this #nomowmay inspired series - if you haven’t yet seen the other three designs in this series why don’t you pop over here and read all about them first!

For the final design I went for an "In the mould" swirl. As for all these designs I used madder root to colour the soap and for this design I created two different shades of pink soap batter.

As this was an in the mould swirl all I did was pour in each colour - starting with the plain batter and laid it down by going up and down the mould in an S shape. I alternated between the colours and allowed each new layer to break through the one below by holding the jug a bit higher above the mould as I poured to allow gravity to do it's thing!

Then once I only had a little bit of each colour left I did a hanger swirl by pushing the hanger right to the bottom of the mould on one side and then doing a circular motion from the bottom to the top a few times to move the batter into swirls.

And I finished off the top by putting the left over colours down the length of the mould in three even rows and I pulled a chopstick through the colours, pulling them into each other. I did this at regular intervals all the way down the soap top and then I went around the edge of the mould a few times to finish it off! And that was that - I am really pleased with how this soap top turned out!!

And here is the final soap, I really love this one too and the great thing about a swirled soap is that each bar is completely unique!

So now that you have seen all four of the designs I really need your help to decide which one is the best as I am completely undecided! To vote for your favourite please click here - and don't worry if you can't quite remember all the soaps it will show you a picture of each soap as you vote to help you decide which one you like the most💚💚

These bars are now available in my shop - I only made a few of each design so if you have a favourite I would definitely grab it while you can!

Well that's the end of this Mindful Meadow series, I hope you enjoyed it and I will back soon with some more soap, sustainability and kindness.


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